Prof. Dr.Ing Chia Chuen Kao, National Cheng Kung University, Republic of China

Dr. Yuen-Jiuan G. Hsu, Central Weather Bureau, Republic of China

Dr. Mong-Ming Lu, Central Weather Bureau, Republic of China

Prof. Hans von Storch, GKSS Research Centre, Germany

Date: March 11-12, 2009
Place: National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Republic of China


The safety of the coastal zone is a major public concern in the changing climate. In order to estimate the risk, to quantify how wind and wave statistics over Southeast Asia have changed in the past century is a necessary first step. In this workshop, we will discuss
recent advances in using high-resolution numerical models to simulate typhoon wind statistics and the available data and methods for verification. We will also discuss how the retrospective simulation results can be used for estimating wave and surge statistics. The knowledge gaps between numerical simulations and coastal safety researches will be discussed.