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According to the memorandum signed after the First Chinese-German Joint Symposium held at Rostock in 2002, the Second Joint Symposium was held at Nanjing in 2004. The Third Joint Symposium is held this year (2006) at Tainan from Nov. 8 to 16 by National Cheng Kung University. The objective of this symposium is to offer a platform to the scientists and the engineers in the related field of coastal and ocean engineering to share their ideas and experiences and is aiming at the contribution of more international research collaborations.

The symposium has been successfully finished. Finally, there were 4 keynote speeches and 65 technical papers presented in 12 sessions. More than 150 scientists or engineers attended this symposium, including 39 from Germany, 22 from Mainland China, 4 from Japan, 3 from Australia, Poland and Chile respectively and more than 70 from the local universities or institutions. It is expected that more collaborative activities will be presented after this symposium.

The PDF files of the presented papers have been uploaded in this homepage. Please download it within the item “Program” if required.

Preface by the Chairman of the symposium, Prof. Shan-Hwei Ou

Welcome Address by the Emeritus Professor, Prof. Friederick Lin Wu Tang

Letter from Prof. Soeren Kohlhase, University of Rostock after the symposium