Nov.9 (Thursday)



8:30 - 9:30


9:30 - 10:00

Opening ceremony (Hall 1)

10:00 - 10:30

Coffee break and Group photo

10:30 - 11:00

Keynote speech 1 -                Moderator: Dr. Tsung-Shen Liao

Recent Researches on Coastal and Ocean Engineering in Taiwan

by Prof. Ming-Chung Lin, National Taiwan University, Taipei

11:00 - 11:30

Keynote speech 2 -                Moderator: Prof. Hwung-Hweng Hwung

Influence of Water-Sediment Variation on the Lower Reach of the Yangtze River    by Prof. Yixin Yan, Hohai University, Nanjing

11:30 - 12:00

Keynote speech 3 -                Moderator: Prof. Tai-Wen Hsu 

Advances in Coastal Engineering 

by Prof. Ulrich Zanke, Technical University Darmstadt, Darmstadt

12:00 - 13:15



Hall 1

Hall 2

Hall 3

13:15 – 14:30

Session 1
Waves and wave modeling (I)

Session 2
Coastal and estuary hydrodynamics(I)


Session 3
Sustainable coastal development


14:30 – 15:00

Coffee break

15:00 - 15:30

Keynote speech 4 –                Moderator: Prof. Shan-Hwei Ou

Coastal Disasters and Countermeasures against Beach Erosion around Taiwan Coast   by Prof. Ho-Shong Hou, Administrative Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taipei

15:30 – 17:00

Session 4
Waves and wave modeling (II)

Session 5
Coastal and offshore structures (I)


Session 6
Coastal and ocean engineering projects (I)


19:00 – 21:30


Ocean Party at the Coastal Ocean Monitoring Center


Nov.10 (Friday)


Hall 1

Hall 2

Hall 3



Session 7
Waves and wave modeling (III)


Session 8
Coastal and estuary hydrodynamics(II)

Session 9
Coastal and ocean engineering projects(II)


Coffee Break



Session 10
Waves and wave modeling (IV)


Session 11
Coastal and offshore structures (II)

Session 12
Coastal hazard mitigation


Closing session




Visit Tainan Hydraulics Lab and Tainan City Tour  *for delegates


Symposium Banquet at Tainan Hotel


 Session 1  Waves and Wave Modeling (I)   Thursday, Nov 9  13:15 -14:30  Hall 1

Chairmen: Prof. Ulrich Zanke, Prof. Ming-Chung Lin                                                          

Laboratory observations of the modulation of microscale wind waves by mechanically generated long waves

Guizhen Zheng*, Hongmin Lu, Yuhua Pei


Nearshore wave simulation for the Hoernum tideway – Verification and changes in wave climate and wave runup caused by morphological evolution

Peter Mewis*


Near shore wave modelling

Heinz Günther*, Heiko Dankert, Agnieszka Herman, Hans D. Niemeyer


The influence of topography gridding on SWAN simulations

Jaw-Guei Lin*, Yung-Fang Chiu, Zong-Nan Twu, Tai-Wen Hsu


Experimental source terms for spectral wave forecast models

Alexander Babanin*, Ian Young



Session 2  Coastal and Estuary Hydrodynamics (I)       Thursday, Nov 9 13:15 - 14:30 Hall 2

Chairmen: Prof. Hwung-Hweng Hwung, Prof. Yixin Yan                                                      

Application of Lagrangian description to the modeling of water waves

Wojciech Sulisz*, Wlodzimierz Chybicki


Experiments on the run-up of solitary waves over sloping bottoms

Yu-Hsuan Chang*, Hwung-Hweng Hwung


Numerical simulation of violent breaking and overtopping against seawalls

Hua Liu*


Model tests for the new Ems-Pier in Emden

Hans-Dieter Clasmeier*, Horst Nasner, Ulrich Zanke


Theoretical analysis of wave action with perforated caissons on porous seabed

Y C Li, Y Liu, Bin Teng*



Session 3  Sustainable Coastal Development              Thursday, Nov 9  13:15 - 14:30  Hall 3

Chairmen: Dr. Tsung-Shen Liao, Dr. Karl-Friedrich Daemrich                                                  

Study on the plan of Taipei harbour

Chi-Chi Chen*


Morphological studies on Yenliao-Fulong beach

Nian-Tzu Wu*, Wei-Po Huang, Kuo-Hsu Su, Chen Shan Kung


Coastal defence strategies for sandy coastlines as a building block for integrated coastal zone management

Frank Thorenz*


Engineering approach to protect wooden constructions against attack of Teredo navalis-considerations and results of a field experiment in the Baltic Sea-

Sören Kohlhase*, Christian Dede


Dimensioning of ramming depth of groyne piles

Frank Weichbrodt*, Christian Dede, Jörg Radomski, Sören Kohlhase



Session 4  Waves and Wave Modeling (II)                            Thursday, Nov 9  15:30 - 17:00  Hall 1

Chairmen: Dr. Glory Y.J. Hsu, Prof. Yang-Yih Chen                                                                  

Typhoon surge characterization in Taiwan coast for the years 1994-2005

Glory Yueh-Jiuan Hsu*, Jin-Yi Chen


A hydrodynamic numerical model for the simulation of storm surges in the North Sea: Set-up and sensitivity analysis                              

Ming-Da Chiou, Christian Winter*, Chia Chuen Kao


A multi-decadal medium-resolution wind, wave and storm surge hindcast suitable for coastal applications

Ralf Weisse*, Hans von Storch, Heinz Günther, Frauke Feser, Andreas Plüß


Conceptual planning for a monitoring network of hydrodynamic conditions at the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern             

Peter Fröhle*, Knut Sommermeier


Spatial wave field extracted from marine radar images by Wavelet transform

Dong-Jiing Doong*, Li-Chung Wu, Chia Chuen Kao


Research platform FINO 2 – an engineering structure for the investigation of climatic, avifaunistic and marine biological data in the Baltic Sea         

Torsten Retzlaff*



Session 5  Coastal and Offshore Structures (I)          Thursday, Nov 9  15:30 - 17:00  Hall 2

Chairmen: Dr. Yung-Fang Chiu, Prof. Yanbao Li                                                                 

Modal strain energy decomposition method for damage detection of an offshore structure using modal testing information                     

Huajun Li*, Shuqing Wang, Hezhen Yang


A study on nonlinear wave-current interactions by the extended Boussinesq equations

Ming-Chung Lin, Chao-Min Hsu*, Chao-Lung Ting


Performance and interpretation of geotechnical field tests in coastal and ocean engineering

Werner Richwien*


Maintenance work in harbours with fluid-mud

Horst Nasner*


Current forces on moored ships affected by land reclamation for new JadeWeserPort

Tillmann Baur*, O.M. Weiler, B. van Vossen


A field study on long period oscillation in Hualien Port

Yung-Fang Chiu*, Jaw-Guei Lin, Yu-Feng Lin



Session 6 Coastal and Ocean Engineering Projects (I)  Thursday, Nov 9 15:30 - 17:00 Hall 3

Chairmen: Prof. Sören Kohlhase, Prof. John R.-C. Hsu            

Recent beach restoration projects in Taiwan

John R-C. Hsu*, Melissa M-J. Yu, Shue-Ruey Liaw, Jyh-Cheng Chu, Chien-Chung Chen, Nan-Jing Wu


Beach restoration planning at Hsitzuwan, Kaohsiung

Shue-Ruey Liaw*, Jyh-Cheng Chu, Chien-Chung Chen, Nan-Jing Wu, Meng-Yi Chen*, John R-C. Hsu


Construction of container terminal 4, port of Bremerhaven, Germany

Birgitt Brinkmann*, Stefan Woltering


A field study of artificial sea forest using spar buoy

Nai Kuang Liang*


Field study of coastal processes near Hualien River

Tsung-Shen Liao, Chung-Pan Lee, Yang-Yi Chen, Shiahu-Wern Shyue, Hwung-Hweng Hwung,
Jaw-Fang Lee, Jiing-Yih Liou, Hung-Chu Hsu*, Kung-Che Yang



Session 7  Waves and Wave Modeling (III)                                 Friday, Nov 10, 09:00 - 10:15  Hall 1

Chairmen: Dr. Wen-Jye Juang, Dr. Peter Fröhle                                                                  

Numerical on-line modeling of sea state in coastal areas for engineering purposes

Christian Schlamkow*, Peter Fröhle, Joerg Radomski, Sören Kohlhase, Hao-Yuan Cheng, Sun-pei Yeh,

Chia Chuen Kao


Validation of tide simulation scheme against field measurements at Sea Palling in UK

Yuliang Zhu*, M Li, S Pan, PT Fernando, BA O'Connor


Currents simulations on the Eastern Sea and around the Suao Harbor, Taiwan

Wen-Jye Juang*


Asian environment simulator

Takao Yamashita*, Mohammed Haggag, HanSoo Lee


Observation of whitecapping in the hurricane Frances

Hwa Chien*, Ken Melville, Jessica Kleiss



Session 8  Coastal and Estuary Hydrodynamics(II)        Friday, Nov 10 09:00 - 10:15  Hall 2

Chairmen: Prof. Nai-Kuang Liang, Prof. Shuxue Liu                                                            

The Euler-Lagrange transformation for irrotational progressive gravity waves

Yang-Yih Chen, Hung-Chu Hsu*


Numerical simulation of combined flow-, density- and tide-effects

Andreas Wurpts*


Classification of shape and underwater motion properties of rock

Timm Stückrath, Gerhild Völker, Jian-Hua Meng*


Calculation and analysis of momentum coefficients in the Changjiang River estuary

Zhiyao Song*, Jun Kong, Weisheng Zhang


Analysis on impact of the coriolis forces on flow in the Yangtze River estuary

Dongsheng Yu*



Session 9 Coastal and Ocean Engineering Projects (II)       Friday, Nov 10 09:00 - 10:15 Hall 3

Chairmen: Prof. Werner Richwien, Prof. Hua Liu               

Special building method for a storm tide protection construction on the Baltic Sea coast

Bernd Opfermann*


Monitoring and dredging technology in muddy layers

Rewert Wurpts*


Detection, recognition and salvage of a depleted ship anchor off Kaohsiung Harbor

Wen-Miin Tian*, Yin-Kwan Tsai


The port-neighboring industry development in Nantong based on the port advantages

Changxin Xu, Min Song*


Breakwater on soft subsoil problems of design and execution

Siegmund Schlie*


Nvigation project and dredging project of the Yangtze estuary deep water navigation channel project

Yong Gu*



Session 10  Waves and Wave Modeling (IV)                            Friday, Nov 10  10:45 - 12:15  Hall 1

Chairmen: Dr. Heinz Günther, Prof. Huajun Li                                                                  

Spectral wave modeling on unstructured grids with the WWM (Wind Wave Model)

– I: The deep water case

Aron Roland*, Ulrich Zanke, Tai-Wen Hsu, Shan-Hwei Ou, Jian-Ming Liau


Spectral wave modeling on unstructured grids with the WWM (Wind Wave Model)

– II: The shallow water case

Ulrich Zanke, Aron Roland*, Tai-Wen Hsu, Shan-Hwei Ou, Jian-Ming Liau


WWM extended to account for wave diffraction on a current over a rapidly varying topography

Tai-Wen Hsu*, Jian-Ming Liau, Shan-Hwei Ou


Self-adaptive FEM numerical modeling of Mild Slope Equation

Shuxue Liu*, Bing Sun


Numerical forecasting model for storm surge based upon unstructured meshes and finite volume method

Ruyun Wang*, Wei Li, Yaodeng Chen, Changkuan Zhang



Session 11  Coastal and Offshore Structures (II)          Friday, Nov 10  10:45 - 12:15  Hall 2

Chairmen: Prof. Horst Nasner, Prof. Yuliang Zhu                                                               

Comparisons on reinforcing bar corrosion models of RC structures in marine environment

Yuanzhan Wang*, Zhi-Wei Zhu, Yi Sun


Irregular wave overtopping based on regular wave tests

Karl-Friedrich Daemrich*, Gunnar Tack, Claus Zimmermann, Hao-Yuan Cheng


Effect of berm width and elevation of coastal levees with steep slopes on irregular wave run-up

Shichang Yan*, Qibo Liu, Weiguo Chen, Guoping Chen


Downslope Transport (Transverse Sediment Transport)

Jens-Uwe Wiesemann*, Peter Mewis, Ulrich C.E. Zanke


The expected sliding distance model of meandering damage for caisson breakwater

Xuelian Jiang, Yanbao Li*


Time scale of scour around a cylindrical pier in sand and gravel

Oscar Link



Session 12  Coastal Hazard Mitigation                        Friday, Nov 10  10:45 - 12:15  Hall 3

Chairmen: Prof. Bin Teng, Prof. Birgitt Brinkmann                                                             

Mobile flood protection systems for urban areas

Baerbel Koppe*, Ulrike Ode


Coast protection and flood defence at the „Bodden“-Coast of Germany

Dirk Carstensen*, Stefan Draegerdt, Hans-B. Horlacher


Master planning of the NSC general project on analysis on potential coastal flood hazard zones of Taiwan (PCFLOHAZ)

Shan-Hwei Ou, Shiaw-Yih Tzang*, Jiaw-Guei Lin, Hsien-Wen Li


A numerical model of tides and typhoon urges around Taiwan

Hsien-Wen Li*, Guan-Yu Chen, Yung-Ching Wu, Shiaw-Yih Tzang, Cheng-Han Tsai, Yao-Tsai Lo, Shih-Jen Huang


Joint probability analysis of waves and water level during typhoons

Sun Pei Yeh*, Shan-Hwei Ou, Dong-Jiing Doong, Chia Chuen Kao, David W.J. Hsieh


Artificial reef in Nienhagen / Baltic Sea

Hans Nickels, Dirk Lesemann and Thomas Mohr



Lady’s Program - Nov. 9~10


Nov. 9 (Thursday)

09:30~10:30 join the Opening Ceremony and Group photo

10:30~12:00 Transfer to MeiNung (Hakkas Village)

12:00~13:30 Typical Meilung Food

13:30~15:00 Pottery DIY

15:00~15:40 Hakkas Tea Time

15:40~17:00 Back to Tainan Hotel


Nov. 10 (Friday)

08:30~09:30 Depart to Chiku from Tainan Hotel

09:30~11:00 Ecological trip in Chiku Lagoon

11:00~12:30 Visit Mountain of Salt

12:30~14:00 Lunch and coffee

14:00~15:00 Transfer to THL to meet all the delegates

* guide and language translator will be arranged.



Technical Excursion  - Nov. 11~16

(*detail schedule will be delivered to you at the registration desk)

Nov. 11 (Saturday)

09:00~11:00      Visit NCKU (anniversary celebration)

11:00~12:30      Transfer to Sun Yat-Sen University in Kaohsiung

13:30~15:00       Visit Kaohsiung Harbor

15:30~17:30       Visit Beach Restoration Project at Sizih Bay in the Sun Yat-Sen University

19:00~20:30       Sea Food Dinner


Nov. 12 (Sunday)

09:00~10:00       Visit Tajen University

10:30~13:30       Visit Fo Guang Shan (the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan)

12:00~13:00       Vegetarian Lunch

13:30~17:00       Transfer to Taitung (eastern Taiwan)

17:00~21:00       Time for Hot Spring


Nov. 13 (Monday)

08:30~12:30       Visit Eastern Taiwan Coast (Pacific Ocean) and transfer to Hualien

12:30~14:00        Sea Food Lunch

14:00~15:30      Visit Coastal Protection Project at Hualien Coast

16:00~17:30       Visit Field Station, Data Buoy

19:30~21:00       colored stone (Rhodonite) dinner


Nov. 14 (Tuesday)

09:00~12:00       Visit Taroko National Park

13:00~17:30       Visit North-eastern Coast of Taiwan

and transfer to Fulung by passing through “The road in the Air”

18:00~19:30       Sea Food Dinner

19:30~20:30        Transfer to Taipei


Nov. 15 (Wednesday)

09:30~12:00       Visit National Palace Museum

13:30~16:00       Taipei City Tour (Taipei 101)

16:00~                        Free time


Nov. 16 (Thursday)

* departure of delegates

* program for the delegates depart in the night time        

10:00~12:30       Visit Juming Musuem - Taiji

12:30~14:00       Back to hotel and check out

15:30~18:30       Tea time at Bali near Airport

18:30~20:30       Check in, CKS airport

20:30                   End