General Information

Hotel Information

Hotels for international delegates will be arranged by local organizer.  They are listed below

Nov. 7 (Tue)       Hotel TAINAN      * if necessary

Nov. 8 (Wed)     Hotel TAINAN

Nov. 9 (Thu)       Hotel TAINAN

Nov. 10 (Fri)       Hotel TAINAN

Nov. 11 (Sat)       Ambassador Hotel

Nov. 12 (Sun)     Hoya Hot Spring Resort & SPA

Nov. 13 (Mon)    OLA Hotel, Hualien

Nov. 14 (Feb)     Imperial Hotel , Taipei

Nov. 15 (Wed)   Imperial Hotel, Taipei


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The monthly mean temperature in November at Tainan is 22.4oC and the mean relative humidity is 77%.

Real-time weather information, please check Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan