Second German °– Chinese Joint Seminar on Recent Development in Coastal Engineering °– Sustainable Development in the Coastal Zone

Tainan, Taiwan, Republic of China

September 13-15, 1999

Cooperation: National Cheng Kung University, Republic of China
University of Rostock, Germany
Scientific Committees: Ltd. BD Peter Petersen
Coordinator of Governmental Research-Coastal Engineering

Prof. Dr. Robert R. Hwang
Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica

Prof. Dr. -Ing. Soeren Kohlhase
Institute for Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering, University of Rostock

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Chia Chuen Kao
Coastal Ocean Monitoring Center, National Cheng Kung University

Local Organization: : Chia Chuen Kao, Laurence Zsu Hsin Chuang
Hwa Chien, Dong Jiing Doong, Kang Hung Yang
Coastal Ocean Monitoring Center (COMC)
National Cheng Kung University
Spondsors :

Co-Sponsors : Background

The Second German-Chinese Joint Seminar on Recent Development in Coastal Engineering (GCJS-RDCE), organized by the Coastal Ocean Monitoring Center of National Cheng-Kung University, was held at National Cheng-Kung University during September 13-22, 1999. The objectives of the GCJS-RDCE are to increase the collaboration between university institutes and specialist authorities in Germany and Republic of China in the field of coastal engineering, as well as to strengthen the basis for the economic and technical cooperation of both countries in the future.

Based on bilateral agreements of scientific and technical cooperation between the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation, DFG) and the National Science Council of Republic of China (NSC), the GCJS-RDCE was initiated in 1997 to bring scientists and experts together for exchange of ideas and experiences in the field of coastal engineering. The first joint seminar, which was hosted by Prof. Soeren Kohlhase of the University of Rostock, was held at a beautiful castle in Hasenwinkel, Mecklenburg-Vorpommem, during September 8-12,1997. The outcomes of the seminar are fruitful. For example, under the contract of Project-based Personnel Exchange Project (PPP), which was signed bilaterally by DAAD and NSC, several progressive joint projects were initiated by Prof. Kao and Prof. Kohlhase as well as Dr. Liang and Dr. Molkenthin. Prof. Tzang also collaborates with Prof. Oumeraci in the study of near-shore wave field calculation. The exchange of young scientists has been contributing to enhance disciplinary collaboration in the future.

The main theme of 2nd joint seminar focuses on °ßThe Sustainable Development in Coastal Zone°®. In response to the theme, the presented papers cover a broad spectrum of solution methods and research approaches, ranging from basic study of coastal flows to case studies of quantitative coastal impact assessment. Five topics are included in the seminar. The topics covered by the rich body of papers in the Proceedings, include:


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