Prof. C.C. Kao, the director of COMC promotes to exchange young scientists such as master or PhD students between two sides of Taiwan Strait. COMC supports master students to study in China during summer vacation every year. The main collaboration institutes or university are HohaiUniversity at Nanjing, Ocean University of China at Qingdao and DalianUniversity of Technology at Dalian. Since 1997, there are more than 15 students or young scientists from COMC to visit institutes in China. Oppositely, all guests from China to visit COMC are welcomed. There are more than 20 young students or scientists visiting COMC. They are listed below:

-2001 Feb-Mar

Prof. Y.X. Yu from DalianUniversity of Technology

-2001 Jul-Aug

Dr. C. Zong and Mr. C.F. Tong from HohaiUniversity at Nanjing

-2002 May

Prof. Defu Liu from ChinaOceanUniversity at Qingdao

-2002 May

Prof. Chao Wang from Dept. Hydraulics, TianjinUniversity

-2002 May-Jun

Dr.J.Y. Hwang from HohaiUniversity at Nanjing

-2002 Sep-Nov

Prof. Y.B. Lee from TianjinUniversity

-2004 Mar

Mr. S.L. Kang and Mr. S.N. Wang from State Oceanic Administration, PROC

-2004 Apr

Prof.S.C. Song, Prof. J.K. Lee and Prof. S.Lee from State Oceanic Administration, PROC

-2004 Jul-Aug

Dr. H.B. Ku and Dr. L.S. Kong from TianjinUniversity and ChinaOceanUniversity at Qingdao

-2004 Aug

Mr. I.N. Wu from Eastsea Agency of State Oceanic Administration, PROC

-2005 Jan

Prof. Y.K. Wang and Dr.S.C. Fong from HohaiUniversity at Nanjing


Mr.JY. Li et al. (8 persons) from HohaiUniversity at Nanjing