2008 Taiwan-Polish Joint Seminar on Coastal Protection

November 6-7, 2008, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan





- Proceeding -

EditorProf. Tai-Wen Hsu

Prof. Chia Chuen Kao













Co-Organizers: National Cheng Kung University

Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering

Taiwan Society of Ocean Engineering

Co-Sponsors: National Science Council, Taipei

Polska Akademia Nauk, Warsaw



November, 2008




In the field of coastal and ocean engineering, it is the global trend of balancing the engineering with natural environment and ecological systems. Respective complex and difficult issues, such as coastal protection which arose in many countries and areas worldwide, are similar and borderless. They are strove for mutual understanding and international research collaboration. Under such circumstances, an international symposium on coastal protection is seen as an important step aiming at the contribution of more international research collaborations.

“2008 Taiwan-Polish Joint Seminar on Coastal Protection” is held in Tainan, Taiwan Republic of China from the 6th to the 7th of November. It is one of the annual convocation of "The Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering". The aim of the joint seminar is promoting the Taiwan-Polish scientific collaboration; discussing on the coastal erosion and its countermeasures; and seeking for the common topics for mutual cooperation.

The joint seminar brings together scientists and experts from practical and administrative fields from Taiwanese and Polish sides. 7 Polish visitors would attend the joint seminar, and have intensive discussions about present matters of interests in coastal protection issues.

There are 20 papers presented in 4 sections during the seminar. It is organized by the Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering of National Cheng Kung University; the venue is in the conference hall at the department. For the organization country, the seminar is open for all interests in Taiwan to participate.

The National Science Council, which is the central governmental organization supporting research projects of universities and research institutes in Taiwan, has signed various agreements with corresponding foreign organizations to facilitate and encourage scientific co-operation between specialists in their respective disciplines. Among these there are agreements between National Science Council and the Polska Akademia Nauk. These agreements allow the provision of funding for research visits, performance of research projects and joint symposia. They established an instructive framework for future scientific co-operation activities. The joint seminar is also supported by them; we would like to offer our great thanks to these agencies.


By Prof. Tai-Wen Hsu, Prof. Chia Chuen Kao

2008 Taiwan-Polish Joint Seminar on Coastal Protection




November 6th


The annual meeting of “The Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering”






Opening Speaking


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Session A: Wind and Wave Climate




Session B: Coastal Morphodynamics

November 7th




Session C: Impact of Climate Change on Coasts




Session D: Sustainable Coastal Development




Technical Excursion

November 8th

Technical excursion




Venue     : Conference Hall at the Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering of National Cheng Kung University

Presentation : Each presentation has been allocated 13 minutes. There are 10 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for discussion. 30 minutes coffee break time could be applied for further discussion.




Session A: Wind and Wave Climate                   Nov. 6th  14:50-16:00

A-1 Bragg Scattering of Water Waves by Multiple Compositions of Artificial Bars by

Li-Hung Tsai, Tai-Wen Hsu and Swun-Kwang Wang

A-2 Physical Model Test on Wave Transmission to Culvert Pipes Block with Constrictive Sections by Jian-Wu Lai, Ching-Ton Kuo and Tai-Wen Hsu

A-3 Simulation of Nonlinear Wave Propagating over Periodic Seabed by Using Multi-layer Boussinesq Model by Chih-Wai Chang, Shih-Chun Hsiao and Hwung-Hweng Hwung

A-4 Measuring Progressive Edge Wave by a Single Instrument: Applications in Tsunami and Typhoon Waves by Guan-Yu Chen and Hsiao-Ching Chien

A-5 Progressive Waves in Real Fluids over a Permeable Bottom by Yang-Yih Chen, Guan-Yu Chen and Chia-Hao Lin

Session B: Coastal Morphodynamics                   Nov. 6th  16:30-17:40

B-1 Field Investigations of Variability of a Multi-Bar Coastal Zone by Zbigniew Pruszak

B-2 Motion of Water and Sediment under Standing Waves in the Swash Zone by Jaroslaw Kapinski and Rafal Ostrowski

B-3 A Field Experiment for Coastal Dune Reconstruction by Tsung-Yi Lin and Jiing-Yih Liou

B-4 A Flume Study on Regular Wave Transformation and Bed Scouring near a Rectangular Submerged Obstacle upon a Fluidized Bed by Shiaw-Yih Tzang, Shan-Hwei Ou, Yun-Che Yang and Yung-Lung Chen

B-5 Simulation of Shoreline Change behind a Submerged Permeable Breakwater by Chin-Wen Hung, Hong-Bin Chen and Ching-Piao Tsai

Session C: Impact of Climate Change on Coasts         Nov. 7th  09:00-10:10

C-1 The Rise of Extreme Typhoon Power and Duration over South East Asia Seas by Grzegorz Rozynski

C-2 Modelling of Deformation-induced Anisotropy in Polycrystalline Materials by Ryszard Staroszczyk

C-3 VOF for the Free Surface Flows of Breaking Waves by Chih-Min Hsieh, Tai-Wen Hsu, Chin-Yen Tsai and Zbigniew Pruszak

C-4 An Observed Extreme Large Wave by Dong-Jiing Doong, Chia Chuen Kao, Paul C. Liu and Hsuan S. Chen

C-5 Flow Predictions of the Seas around Taiwan by Jason, C.S. Yu, H.C. Yu, and C.J. Chiang

Session D: Sustainable Coastal Development            Nov. 7th  10:40-11:50

D-1 Sustainable Measures of Shore Protection Against Erosion and Flooding by Rafal Ostrowski and Marek Szmytkiewicz

D-2 Decision-aid System for Physical Modelling of the Stability of Rubble Toe Protections by A . Reda and W. Sulisz

D-3 Mechanical Behavior of Soft Marine Silts under Nearshore Structures by Lien-Kwei Chien, Tsung-Shen Feng, Wen-Chien Tseng and Tsung-Ching Chen

D-4 Wave Forecast System of Hualien Harbour by Jaw-Guei Lin, Yung-Fang Chiu and Wen-Kai Weng

D-5 Coastal Dynamics during Earthquakes by Andrzej Sawicki and Waldemar Świdziński