The Data_bank of OMISAR Project

In order to improve the wave forecast technique so as to enhance the safety of marine navigation and waterfront recreational activity and to mitigate the coastal disaster in APEC region, a series of workshops on ocean models (WOM) has been held by APEC/MRC/OMISAR in the past years. According to the conclusion of WOM-4, which was held on September 19-20, 2000 in Tainan, Chinese Taipei , one of the main goals of this workshop is to improve the wave forecasts by sharing the experiences in operational wave model forecasting among APEC member economies.

To achieve this, one of the conclusions of the WOM-4 suggested carrying out a joint experiment, in which the specialists run their on-hand wave forecast models by using the same wind field data and the observed buoy wave data in order to form a common base for comparison and discussion.? Specialists from all member economics are welcome to freely take part.? A common data bank has been set up by OMISAR project, in which China, Korea and the United States (in alphabetic order) contribute the wind field data for model input and China, Chinese Taipei and Korea offer the observed buoy wave data for model validation.

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