The Primitive Planning of Marine-Meteorological Information System of Taichung Harbour

In order to fulfill the rapid increasing demands of the consumptions of LNG by the power plants, the LNG terminals projects are confirmed and the LNG terminals will be built at western piers #13~#15 inside the Taichung Harbor water area in the following years. Due to the fact that the LNG is extremely dangerous for its flammable nature, any leakage of LNG during ship loading and transportation will cause dramatic explosion disasters to the harbor area as well as to the Wu-Chi downtown.

For the enhancement of safety navigation of LNG carriers and download operations, it was required by the pilot associations in Taichung harbor that relevant realtime marine meteorological factors must be provided to the pilots on board and to the central control unit as the thresholds that regulate the operations. It is the purpose of present project to carry out the primitive planning of the monitoring systems. It is designed that the system consists of four parts, i.e. observation system, forecasting system, data dissimilation system and logistic system. The state of art technologies of these systems will be reviewed. Features of relevant products on commercial markets will be compared and the instrumentations will be proposed. Locations of installations of monitoring systems will be discussed and as the results contribute to establish the Guidelines of setting up the marine-meteorological monitoring system.

An marine physical observation project is carried out for the design of the construction of Kinmen Desalination Plant. Measurements of waves, tides, tidal current profiles and sea temperature are implemented by using bottom mount instruments in the area of water depth of 10 m, where the suction and discharge pipes will be located. The measurements are carried out hourly for the duration of 15 days each season. Statistical analyses of the data are made to provide corresponding information as the reference for engineering design and constructions