Improvement of Coastal Ocean Monitoring Technology and Study on Observation Data (1/2)

The second phase of the project ¡§The Integrated Program of Modernize Hydrology Observation in Taiwan¡¨ has been implemented since 2005. This proposal is to present the jobs in the second and third year of the project.

Due to the requirement of real-time field data for coastal hazard mitigation, the Water Resources Agency (WRA) assigned the Coastal Ocean Monitoring Center (COMC) of National Cheng Kung University to eastablish the field stations for coastal ocean monitoring. There are 36 field stations in the network, includes 3 Data Buoys, 12 Coastal Weather Stations, 11 Tide Stations, 7 electronic bulletin boards and 3 sea-state video stations.

The propose of this project is (1) to maintain the coastal ocean monitoring stations for operational working; (2) to control the data quality for applications; (3) to improve the observation technology; (4) to support WRA for any observation problems. The jobs are divided to two parts in this project. One part is ¡§Operation of the Network¡¨ and the other part is ¡§Research and Application of Observation Data¡¨. There are totally 22 working items in this project. The anticipated results of this project are: