Monitoring and Modeling of Sea-State for Hazard Warning system at Taiwan, Kaohsiung and Pingtung Coastal Area(1/2)

In Taiwan area, every year the coastal zone is averagely suffering from three to four typhoon attack and always results in vast coastal flooding as well as disasters. Wave prediction thus becomes a very important task in monitoring wave conditions for getting reliable information to decide countermeasures of coastal defense and evacuations.

The present project includes four main working items: (1)field observation, (2) model prediction, (3)historical data analysis and (4) integrated data information from the field survey based on wave setup and run up at the near-shore region. The information is transmitted in a real time to know wave and tide conditions and the data used to calibrate the applicability of the numerical model. Model prediction results are implemented to the forecasting of hydrodynamics of waves and wave induced run up near-shore. The evolution of the wave spectrum and water level is symmetrically handcrafted and forecasted in order to understand wave generation, energy dissipation and sea level changes. A data base system will be set up for further applications which includes weather, wave, water level and flooding data Historical coastal erosion, damage and flooding. These data are well collected and analyzed to form a complete data basis of disaster analysis.

The current approach makes and effort to develop a coastal damage warning system from filed observations and model predictions though internet. This result provides useful information to help a decision of countermeasures against coastal disasters.