SAKE 2007 Training Program

Dates:     March 27-30, 2007

Venue:     Bolinao Marine Laboratory, University of the Philippines, Bolinao

Organizers:      Professor Cesar Villanoy, Marine Science Institute, Univ. of the Philippines

                            Prof. Cho-Teng Liu, Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University


Instructors:     Prof. Laura David, Marine Science Institute, Univ. of the Philippines

                         Prof. Chia Chuen Kao, National Chen-Kung University, Chinese Taipei


International Participants:

Indonesia:         Dr. Aryo Hanggono, Dr. Nani Hendiarti, Mr. B. Realino, Ms. Marina Frederick and Mr. Indra Pratma

Philippines:        Prof. Cesar Villanoy and Prof. Laura David

Chinese Taipei:  Ms. Dee-Way Wang, Ms. Jing-Yih Huang, Mr. Chang-Wei Lee, Prof. Cho-Teng Liu

Viet Nam:          Prof. Nguyen Phi Khu and Prof. Tran Vinh Phuoc





March 27 & 28:     In-house instruction and practice on processing satellite images.

Instructors:     Prof. Laura David, Ms. Eileen Peneflor and Mr. Robert Canto


In class teaching:
     In Class Teaching

International Observers:
      International Observers


March 29:     Field Demonstration of Underwater Photography with V-fin

Leader:   Prof. Chia Chuen Kao


1.      Pre-cruise briefing: 

     Pre-cruise briefing

2.      Cruise track

     Cruise track

3.      Prof. Kao and Prof. David are assigning seats

     Prof. Kao: assigning seats

     Prof. David: assigning seats


4.      Getting depth sounder ready

     Getting depth sounder ready

5.      V-fin in water

     V-fin in water

6.      V-fin in motion

     V-fin in motion

7.      V-fin in Action: Video (Download aboout 3.37MB)


8.      Giant Clams Nursing Ground

     Giant Clams Nursing Ground


9. Nearby fishing harbor

     Nearby fishing harbor

Appendix: Announcement of SAKE 2007 Training Program (pdf)