Summery of Steering Committee Meeting of SAKE 2007:

Venue:   Library of Marine Biological Laboratory, University of the Philippines
Time:     March 28, 2007

SC Meeting of SAKE 2007

Indonesia:       Dr. Aryo Hanggono and Dr. Nani Hendiarti
Philippines:      Prof. Cesar Villanoy and Prof. Laura David
Chinese Taipei: Prof. Chia Chuen Kao and Prof. Cho-Teng Liu
Viet Nam:        Prof. Nguyen Phi Khu and Prof. Tran Vinh Phuoc

Summary of meeting:

1          Reviews on SAKE 2006

1.1         Steering Committee Meeting in Tainan, June 19-22, 2006
=> plan of activity:

1.2         Training Workshop in HoChiMinh City, August 21-25, 2006

1.3         Training Workshop in Jakarta, September 11-16, 2006

1.4         Workshop in Manila, March 26-27, 2007

1.5         The committee members are satisfied with the progress of above activities and wish to continue the efforts in promoting the cooperative study and research.

2          Plan for SAKE 2007

2.1         Prof. Liu presented the processing of Formosat-2 images in detecting fish pens in Jakarta Bay. 
It is clear that refined processing of satellite images can result sharpen images of fish pen that is about the size of 10 to 20 m in diameter. (Presentation file is in the appendix)

2.2         Training Program in Bolinao, March 27-29, 2007/3/30

2.2.a    3/27 from Hotel to UP MSI Bolinao Marine Laboratory (6 pm)

2.2.b   3/28 Prof. Laura David chairs the joint training program of remote sensing application for local professionals and APEC SAKE participants

2.2.c    Ms. Sheila Santander gives a talk on the culturing program of Giant Clam and many marine organisms.

          Tour of Hatchery
Tour of Hatchery

          Hatchery for Sea Urchin
Hatchery for Sea Urchin

Hatchery for Sea Urchin

          Hatchery for Red Coral
Hatchery for Read Coral

          Hatchery for Sea Cucumber
Hatchery for Sea Cucumber

          Hatchery for giant Clams
Hatchery for Giant Clams

Hatchery for Giant Clams

2.2.d   3/29 Cruise to
(1) coral bed that is compatible with the coral bed in Phi Phi Island near Phuket,
. (movie, slides)
(2) visit Giant Clam Farm and mariculture farm north of Santiago Island.
(3) test of V-fin

2.2.e    The committee accepts the above plan of training program

2.3         Training Program of SAKE 2008 will be held in National Central University, Jhongli, Chinese Taipei
The target dates are the first two weeks in Nov. 2007
It is a joint program with IGBP/SARCS
   International Geosphere Biosphere Programme
   Southeast Asia Regional Center for START
   START is a training program of IGBP
Major topics are applications of remote sensing in the study of global change
expected support for SAKE participants:
   one fully sponsored trainee from each country of Indonesia, Philippines and Viet Nam
   the emphasis shall be in Marine Resource Conservation

2.3.a   The committee wishes some quota being allocated to the member of SAKE project if the training program is realized.

2.4         Workshop of SAKE 2007
Venue: Lombok/Jakarta/Bali, Indonesia
Date: Early November 2007
LOC: Dr. Nani

2.4.a    The committee accepts above plan of SAKE-2 Workshop.

3          Plan for SAKE 2008

3.1         Proposed activity:
Steering Committee Meeting (Venue and Dates): to be decided
Training Program (including field trip): June 2008 (LOC: Dr. Nani and Dr. Aryo)
Workshop: Manado, Indonesia; November 2008 (LOC: Dr. Aryo)

3.2         The committee suggests that the detailed planning should be after the approval of SAKE 2008 project by APEC BAC (Budget and Allocation Committee)


          Appendix I: Pen Fishery in Jakarta Bay by Cho-Teng Liu and Yung-Chin Fu (PDF)

          Appendix II: Announcement of SAKE 2007 Steering Committee Meeting (PDF)