*        Background

Ocean is significantly related to our lives in Taiwan that is surrounded by seawater, so the increasing oceanic activities are unavoidable. The safety of these activities, such as navigation, harbor construction, fishing and cultivation, coastal disaster protection, recreation, and even country defense, then become much more dependent on the long-term, stable, and high quality oceanographic information. Located in the subtropical zone, Taiwan is always threatened by typhoons that cause enormous losses of the human life and property every year. In order to reduce or even diminish typhoon disasters in coastal area, the ways to obtain and provide in-time and accurate meteorological and oceanographic information is one of the main policies of the government.

Prolonged successful operation and maintenance of any automated device in the ocean is still a major challenge. The work needs an experienced and disciplinary team, including Oceanics, Electronics, Computer Science, Structural Design and Material Mechanics, to maintain the whole system in operation. Not only the job is tough and expensive, but it must also face the very real constraints, such as budget, weather, and resource availability.

In response to the requirement of meteorological and oceanographic data in Taiwan, the Coastal Ocean Monitoring Center (COMC) was established within the National Cheng Kung University at Tainan in 1998. The initial objective of COMC is to assist the government to establish the long-term and operational monitoring network. COMC deployed moored buoys and installed automatic meteorological or oceanographic, such as tide station, pile station and coastal weather station that are primarily located in nearshore areas or in the deep ocean to provide real-time data for governmental agencies, such as Central Weather Bureau, Water Resources Agency and Tourist Bureau. In order to assure the data correctness, a Data Quality Check Procedure was developed by COMC. Data from the operational observation stations have been used for forecasting and warning, scientific and research programs, engineering design, and other purposes requiring in-situ data. Up to 2006, there are totally more than 30 stations constructed by COMC, including 13 data buoys. From COMC was funded, it keeps continuously to improve its technology. Currently, the Microwave Radar Wave and Current Extraction System, Ship-board Automatic Metro-oceanographic Observation System, GPS Drifting Buoy and Numerical Models have been successfully developed. In the future, COMC will keep going to improve on measurement technologies.


*        Missions

COMC is a research group as well as an operational team. The missions of COMC conduct:

Ÿ   investigation and the study on the latest marine observation techniques.

Ÿ   development of the Meteo-Oceanographic Monitoring System.

Ÿ   assignment of the government in setting-up and operating the long-term meteo-oceanographic monitoring networks.

Ÿ   study on the wave climate and the development of the marine forecast/nowcast system.


*        History


Prof. Dr-Ing. Chia Chuen Kao, Found of COMC, was entrusted by the Taiwan Power Company with a project to design and setup a wave station at Shin-Dar harbor.


Entrusted by the Chinese Petroleum Corporation, Prof. Kao established a meteorological and oceanographic data observing system at Yeong-Ann LNG harbor in Kaohsiung.


Supported by the National Science Council, three pile stations were designed and established along the shore slope off the north groin of Tai-Chung harbor to investigate wave shoaling.


An automatic observing system of river water level, entrusted by the Water Resources Bureau, was built in Yih-Lain.


Entrusted by Tainan Hydraulic Lab., Prof. Kao designed and established a pile station off Taihsi coast to observe various oceanographic and meteorological data.


A automatic wind observing station was built in Kee-Lung harbor to measure wind-field data for the construction of harbor extension.


Prof, Kao started to develop data buoy.


The first operational data buoy, which was completely developed in Taiwan, was deployed off Tai-Chung harbor.


Prof. Kao provided the concept of designing the pile station that is located at offshore of Dah-Ling-Pu reclamation area in Kaoshiung.


A data quality control system has been developed.


The first data buoy at Tai-Chung was moved to offshore of Hsinchu for long-term operation. The second data buoy was deployed at offshore of Chi-Shin-Tarn in Hualien in the same year.


One data buoy was deployed near to Tai-Ping Island in the South China Sea which is 1500 km away from Taiwan. The project was assigned by Ministry of Transportation and Communication.


The Coastal Ocean Monitoring Center (COMC) was officially established. Prof. Dr-Ing. Chia-Chuen Kao became the first director of the center.


The Executive Yuan approved the 10-years project of Modernization of Hydrological Observation in Taiwan Area (MHOTA), which was proposed by the Water Resources Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs. COMC was then assigned the executive institution to the Establishment of Coastal Hydrological Monitoring Network project (ECHMN) of MHOTA.


The third long-term operational data buoy around Taiwan coast was deployed. It was entrusted by Tourist Bureau.


One pile station which located at Tainan coast was established.


COMC obtained ISO 9001 certification.


COMC finished establishing and updating 23 stations under the project ECHMN.


COMC developed the automatic ship-board oceanographic observation system.


COMC developed microwave radar wave and current extraction system.


The first deep water buoy (4800m) was deployed by COMC at the Gagua Ridge which is 250km away from Taiwan.


Totally, 13 operational data buoy were deployed by COMC from 1997 to 2006.


Prof. Dr. Ching-Jer Huang takes up the position of COMC Director.


*        Organization

*        Patents

COMC Patents: 

1997 ROC Patent No. 087358

Meteo-oceanographic measurement system 

2005 ROC Patent No. M282151 

Wave run-up measurement 

2005 ROC Patent No. M281892

GSP drifting buoy for current measurement 

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Automated ship-board meteo-oceanographic measuring system 

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Data acquisition system on the data buoy 

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Calibration method for wind on the data buoy 

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Operational current profile measuring system 

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Data buoy mooring system 

2006 ROC Patent No. M299289 

Device of directional wave spectrum analysis 

2006 ROC Patent No. M299856 

Sea-State measurement by marine radar 

2007 ROC Patent No. M304660 

Buoy for automatic water quality monitoring 


COMC Copyrights: 

1996 ROC Copyright No. 77590 

Program of wave data analysis (I) 

1996 ROC Copyright No. 77591 

Program of wave data analysis (II) 

1996 ROC Copyright No. 78214 

Program of wave data analysis (III)

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Program of regional wave forecasting model 

2006 ROC Copyright No. J-10-15-950002 

Firmware of directional wave spectrum analysis 


*        Staff       22 full-time employees, 4 advisors and 1 graduate students 



Prof. Dr. Ching-Jer Huang
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Deputy Director

Prof. Dong-Jiing Doong
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Prof. Dr. Chia-Chuen Kao

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Dr. Yu Ching Ou-Yang

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Prof. Beng-Chun Lee

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Project Manager

Dr. Yen-Pin Lin

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Leader of R & D Department
Dr. Yang-Ming Fan
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Leader of Administrative Department
Ms. Hsiu-Fen Hong
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Leader of QC Department
Ms. Chiu-Fen Chen
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Leader of Engineering Department
Mr. Kuo-Ching Jao
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Assistant Research Fellow
Dr. Li-Chung Wu
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Ms. Shu-Chuan Hsu
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Project Engineer

Mr. Liang-Sheng Wang
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QC Engineer
Mr. Sheng-Hsueh Chen

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QC Engineer

Ms. Min-Tzu Huang
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QC Engineer

Ms. Li-Ching Huang
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Vice Leader of Engineering  Department
Mr. Ching-Jui Lin  
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Vice Leader of Engineering  Department
Mr. Te-Ken Wang  
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System Engineer
Mr. Mon-Shen Shi
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System Engineer
Mr. Zong-Sian Jhuang

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System Engineer

Mr. Yan-Fu Chen
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System Engineer

Mr. De-Tsai Lin
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System Engineer

Mr. Hung-Tsung Liu

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System Engineer

Mr. Ming-Hong Tsai

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System Engineer

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R&D Enginee

Mr. Ping-Chang Hsueh

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